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At Rangewood Orthodontics, we are excited to offer Damon Braces Woodland Park, Colorado, a far faster and more comfortable option than traditional braces! When parents bring children to our office, they frequently lament their own use of traditional braces. Elastic ties put a tremendous amount of pressure on their teeth, causing a great deal of pain as they gradually forced the teeth into the proper alignment. They are worried that their own children will have a similarly unpleasant experience. Their faces light up, however, when we tell them we use Damon Smile. Our patients report very little if any pain as their teeth are gently returned to their proper alignment.

Damon Braces have a special slide mechanism that holds the archwire to reduce the amount of pressure exerted on the teeth. This allows them to move more quickly, freely, and comfortably. These self-ligating braces have a “door” that slides open and closed to manipulate a shape-memory wire inside, gently guiding the teeth where they are supposed to go. The result is an extremely flexible braces system that never puts too much strain on an individual tooth. This also eliminates the need for the elastic ties found in traditional options, significantly reducing the discomfort associated with wearing braces.

Eliminating the elastic tie produces a number of other beneficial effects. Studies suggest that traditional ties cut off the bloodstream to the root of the tooth, permanently damaging it even after the braces are removed. Damon Smile does not adversely affect teeth over the long term. Damon Braces also require wire changes only every 6-8 weeks, about half as often as their traditional counterparts! Elastic ties are the component that most frequently requires changing, so Damon Smile’s lack of them translates to fewer office visits for you or your child.

Damon Braces are also easier to put into place. Unlike traditional braces, tooth extraction and/or palatal expanders are almost never necessary to install Damon Smile. Damon Smile’s slide mechanism also works faster than other options. On average, teeth are completely straightened out 6-9 months faster than a more traditional option. They are even smaller, making your smile more aesthetically pleasing when they are in place. Damon Clear is completely unnoticeable if you do not want to compromise your smile at all.

If you are sold on Damon Smile, you may be wondering where to get them. Rangewood Orthodontics is the only Preferred Damon provider in southern Colorado. Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Watts are also the number one provider of Damon Smile in Colorado, so you can trust in their experience with everything Damon. In fact, we only use Damon products, so you can count on their many benefits without worrying about another practitioner substituting something inferior.

Damon Braces offer a wealth of advantages over other options. They are more comfortable to wear, less noticeable, and have far fewer adverse long-term effects than traditional braces. Finally, the high-tech process delivers results much more quickly than the old ways. Once you see everything Damon Smile has to offer, you will never want to even consider another treatment option!

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