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Your First Visit To Your Woodland Orthodontists’ Office

Office Visits

Our foremost goal is to help you get the straight, beautiful and healthy smile that you’ve long been dreaming of. We know that opting to receive orthodontic care is a huge decision and we understand and respect your reasons for seeking to improve both your confidence and your appearance.

We will work with you throughout each and every step of this process so that your orthodontic treatment is as rewarding as it can possibly be. We use the latest and most innovative technologies in our office and offer a vast range of gentle and safe treatment options so that you can get the individualized care you need.

Your new and improved smile begins with your initial consultation.

During your initial consultation, you’ll have the chance to meet our team, get more information on orthodontics, obtain a comprehensive initial examination and see which treatments are best-suited to your unique needs.

During this visit you will:

  • Go over your medical and dental history forms
  • Perform a comprehensive oral exam that includes X-rays to find out which treatments are right for you
  • Work with you to design an individualized plan for treatment
  • Talk about your payment abilities, insurance options and our available payment plans

Our team is happy to answer any questions that you might have and we’ll supply all of the info you need for making informed treatment decision.

Get in touch with our practice today to schedule your consultation appointment.

What To Expect After Your Consultation Appointment

Once your consultation appointment is complete, you’ll be closer to having the smile of your dreams. At this time, we can schedule your first appointment to have your orthodontic appliance installed. This process will take approximately one hour and our team will ensure that you’re both relaxed and comfortable throughout.

Making Your Appointments

One large part of your orthodontic care is meeting with the orthodontist once every four to eight weeks. Our team will make sure that your scheduled appointments are as convenient for you as they can possibly be. When you make your appointments, be sure to let us know which dates and times are best for you.

We know that “life happens”. If you ever need to reschedule an appointment or find yourself running late, just let us know and we’ll do our bust to accommodate your needs. When preparing to schedule your first appointment, simply call our office to speak with our friendly scheduling coordinator. We’re excited to start working with you.

Going To The Dentist During Your Orthodontic Treatment

It’s vital to continue visiting your family dentist twice each year for routine check-ups and teeth cleanings, even throughout the course of your orthodontic treatment. If additional dental care is required, we’ll happily coordinate with your regular dentist to ensure that you’re getting all the services and solutions you need.

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